Dayyani, Farshid

TitleAssociate Clinical Professor
InstitutionUniversity of California, Irvine
Address1001 Health Sciences Road
Irvine CA 92697-3950
Phone(714) 456-5153
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    1. Kato S, Ross JS, Gay L, Dayyani F, Roszik J, Subbiah V, Kurzrock R. Analysis of MDM2 Amplification: Next-Generation Sequencing of Patients With Diverse Malignancies. JCO Precis Oncol. 2018; 2018. PMID: 30148248.
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    2. Holdenrieder S, Molina R, Qiu L, Zhi X, Rutz S, Engel C, Kasper-Sauer P, Dayyani F, Korse CM. Technical and clinical performance of a new assay to detect squamous cell carcinoma antigen levels for the differential diagnosis of cervical, lung, and head and neck cancer. Tumour Biol. 2018 Apr; 40(4):1010428318772202. PMID: 29701125.
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    3. Muley T, Rolny V, He Y, Wehnl B, Escherich A, Warth A, Stolp C, Schneider MA, Dienemann H, Meister M, Herth FJ, Dayyani F. The combination of the blood based tumor biomarkers cytokeratin 19 fragments (CYFRA 21-1) and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) as a potential predictor of benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy in early stage squamous cell carcinoma of the lung (SCC). Lung Cancer. 2018 Jun; 120:46-53. PMID: 29748014.
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    4. Holdenrieder S, Wehnl B, Hettwer K, Simon K, Uhlig S, Dayyani F. Carcinoembryonic antigen and cytokeratin-19 fragments for assessment of therapy response in non-small cell lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Br J Cancer. 2017 Apr 11; 116(8):1037-1045. PMID: 28278517.
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    5. Dayyani F, Morgenstern D. Letter in response to: Identifying risk in the use of tumor markers to improve patient safety. Clin Chem Lab Med. 2016 12 01; 54(12):e383-e384. PMID: 27467754.
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    6. Holdenrieder S, Pagliaro L, Morgenstern D, Dayyani F. Clinically Meaningful Use of Blood Tumor Markers in Oncology. Biomed Res Int. 2016; 2016:9795269. PMID: 28042579.
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    7. Dayyani F, Uhlig S, Colson B, Simon K, Rolny V, Morgenstern D, Schlumbrecht M. Diagnostic Performance of Risk of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm Against CA125 and HE4 in Connection With Ovarian Cancer: A Meta-analysis. Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2016 11; 26(9):1586-1593. PMID: 27540691.
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    8. Dayyani F, Zurita AJ, Nogueras-González GM, Slack R, Millikan RE, Araujo JC, Gallick GE, Logothetis CJ, Corn PG. The combination of serum insulin, osteopontin, and hepatocyte growth factor predicts time to castration-resistant progression in androgen dependent metastatic prostate cancer- an exploratory study. BMC Cancer. 2016 09 06; 16:721. PMID: 27599544; PMCID: PMC5013640.
    9. Shin TH, Brynczka C, Dayyani F, Rivera MN, Sweetser DA. TLE4 regulation of wnt-mediated inflammation underlies its role as a tumor suppressor in myeloid leukemia. Leuk Res. 2016 09; 48:46-56. PMID: 27486062.
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    10. Dayyani F, Morgenstern D, Holdenrieder S. In Response to "Serum Tumor Marker Use in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors". J Oncol Pract. 2016 Mar; 12(3):273-4. PMID: 26837562.
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    11. Dragovich T, Laheru D, Dayyani F, Bolejack V, Smith L, Seng J, Burris H, Rosen P, Hidalgo M, Ritch P, Baker AF, Raghunand N, Crowley J, Von Hoff DD. Phase II trial of vatalanib in patients with advanced or metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma after first-line gemcitabine therapy (PCRT O4-001). Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 2014 Aug; 74(2):379-87. PMID: 24939212; PMCID: PMC4461053.
    12. Dayyani F, Hoffman K, Eifel P, Guo C, Vikram R, Pagliaro LC, Pettaway C. Management of advanced primary urethral carcinomas. BJU Int. 2014 Jul; 114(1):25-31. PMID: 24447439.
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    13. Varkaris A, Gaur S, Parikh NU, Song JH, Dayyani F, Jin JK, Logothetis CJ, Gallick GE. Ligand-independent activation of MET through IGF-1/IGF-1R signaling. Int J Cancer. 2013 Oct 01; 133(7):1536-46. PMID: 23526299; PMCID: PMC3713179.
    14. Dayyani F, Varkaris A, Araujo JC, Song JH, Chatterji T, Trudel GC, Logothetis CJ, Gallick GE. Increased serum insulin-like growth factor-1 levels are associated with prolonged response to dasatinib-based regimens in metastatic prostate cancer. Prostate. 2013 Jun; 73(9):979-85. PMID: 23371521; PMCID: PMC4013833.
    15. Dayyani F, Parikh NU, Varkaris AS, Song JH, Moorthy S, Chatterji T, Maity SN, Wolfe AR, Carboni JM, Gottardis MM, Logothetis CJ, Gallick GE. Combined Inhibition of IGF-1R/IR and Src family kinases enhances antitumor effects in prostate cancer by decreasing activated survival pathways. PLoS One. 2012; 7(12):e51189. PMID: 23300537; PMCID: PMC3530555.
    16. Mao M, Tian F, Mariadason JM, Tsao CC, Lemos R, Dayyani F, Gopal YN, Jiang ZQ, Wistuba II, Tang XM, Bornman WG, Bollag G, Mills GB, Powis G, Desai J, Gallick GE, Davies MA, Kopetz S. Resistance to BRAF inhibition in BRAF-mutant colon cancer can be overcome with PI3K inhibition or demethylating agents. Clin Cancer Res. 2013 Feb 01; 19(3):657-67. PMID: 23251002; PMCID: PMC3563727.
    17. Dayyani F, Czerniak BA, Sircar K, Munsell MF, Millikan RE, Dinney CP, Siefker-Radtke AO. Plasmacytoid urothelial carcinoma, a chemosensitive cancer with poor prognosis, and peritoneal carcinomatosis. J Urol. 2013 May; 189(5):1656-61. PMID: 23159581.
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    18. Dayyani F, Pettaway CA, Kamat AM, Munsell MF, Sircar K, Pagliaro LC. Retrospective analysis of survival outcomes and the role of cisplatin-based chemotherapy in patients with urethral carcinomas referred to medical oncologists. Urol Oncol. 2013 Oct; 31(7):1171-7. PMID: 22534087; PMCID: PMC4131852.
    19. Frankenberger M, Hofer TP, Marei A, Dayyani F, Schewe S, Strasser C, Aldraihim A, Stanzel F, Lang R, Hoffmann R, Prazeres da Costa O, Buch T, Ziegler-Heitbrock L. Transcript profiling of CD16-positive monocytes reveals a unique molecular fingerprint. Eur J Immunol. 2012 Apr; 42(4):957-74. PMID: 22531920.
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    20. Varkaris A, Corn PG, Gaur S, Dayyani F, Logothetis CJ, Gallick GE. The role of HGF/c-Met signaling in prostate cancer progression and c-Met inhibitors in clinical trials. Expert Opin Investig Drugs. 2011 Dec; 20(12):1677-84. PMID: 22035268; PMCID: PMC4020016.
    21. Dayyani F, Gallick GE, Logothetis CJ, Corn PG. Novel therapies for metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2011 Nov 16; 103(22):1665-75. PMID: 21917607; PMCID: PMC4176261.
    22. Dayyani F, Mougalian SS, Naqvi K, Shan J, Ravandi F, Cortes J, Weinberg J, Jabbour E, Faderl S, Wierda W, Thomas D, O'Brien S, Pierce S, Kantarjian H, Garcia-Manero G. Prediction model for mortality after intracranial hemorrhage in patients with leukemia. Am J Hematol. 2011 Jul; 86(7):546-9. PMID: 21509801; PMCID: PMC4712950.
    23. Jin JK, Dayyani F, Gallick GE. Steps in prostate cancer progression that lead to bone metastasis. Int J Cancer. 2011 Jun 01; 128(11):2545-61. PMID: 21365645; PMCID: PMC3082284.
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    25. Dayyani F, Etzel CJ, Liu M, Ho CH, Lippman SM, Tsao AS. Meta-analysis of the impact of human papillomavirus (HPV) on cancer risk and overall survival in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC). Head Neck Oncol. 2010 Jun 29; 2:15. PMID: 20587061; PMCID: PMC2908081.
    26. Dayyani F, Conley AP, Strom SS, Stevenson W, Cortes JE, Borthakur G, Faderl S, O'Brien S, Pierce S, Kantarjian H, Garcia-Manero G. Cause of death in patients with lower-risk myelodysplastic syndrome. Cancer. 2010 May 01; 116(9):2174-9. PMID: 20162709; PMCID: PMC3753205.
    27. Stebbing J, Pantanowitz L, Dayyani F, Sullivan RJ, Bower M, Dezube BJ. HIV-associated multicentric Castleman's disease. Am J Hematol. 2008 Jun; 83(6):498-503. PMID: 18260115.
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    28. Kim WJ, Okimoto RA, Purton LE, Goodwin M, Haserlat SM, Dayyani F, Sweetser DA, McClatchey AI, Bernard OA, Look AT, Bell DW, Scadden DT, Haber DA. Mutations in the neutral sphingomyelinase gene SMPD3 implicate the ceramide pathway in human leukemias. Blood. 2008 May 01; 111(9):4716-22. PMID: 18299447; PMCID: PMC2343601.
    29. Dayyani F, Wang J, Yeh JR, Ahn EY, Tobey E, Zhang DE, Bernstein ID, Peterson RT, Sweetser DA. Loss of TLE1 and TLE4 from the del(9q) commonly deleted region in AML cooperates with AML1-ETO to affect myeloid cell proliferation and survival. Blood. 2008 Apr 15; 111(8):4338-47. PMID: 18258796; PMCID: PMC2288729.
    30. Dayyani F, Pantanowitz L, Sandridge TG, Sullivan RJ, Dezube BJ. Multicentric Castleman's disease masquerading as HIV-related lymphoma. Am J Med Sci. 2007 Oct; 334(4):317-9. PMID: 18030193.
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    31. Sweetser DA, Peniket AJ, Haaland C, Blomberg AA, Zhang Y, Zaidi ST, Dayyani F, Zhao Z, Heerema NA, Boultwood J, Dewald GW, Paietta E, Slovak ML, Willman CL, Wainscoat JS, Bernstein ID, Daly SB. Delineation of the minimal commonly deleted segment and identification of candidate tumor-suppressor genes in del(9q) acute myeloid leukemia. Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 2005 Nov; 44(3):279-91. PMID: 16015647.
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    32. Schmidmaier R, Baumann P, Simsek M, Dayyani F, Emmerich B, Meinhardt G. The HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor simvastatin overcomes cell adhesion-mediated drug resistance in multiple myeloma by geranylgeranylation of Rho protein and activation of Rho kinase. Blood. 2004 Sep 15; 104(6):1825-32. PMID: 15161667.
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    33. Then Bergh F, Dayyani F, Ziegler-Heitbrock L. Impact of type-I-interferon on monocyte subsets and their differentiation to dendritic cells. An in vivo and ex vivo study in multiple sclerosis patients treated with interferon-beta. J Neuroimmunol. 2004 Jan; 146(1-2):176-88. PMID: 14698861.
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    34. Dayyani F, Joeinig A, Ziegler-Heitbrock L, Schmidmaier R, Straka C, Emmerich B, Meinhardt G. Autologous stem-cell transplantation restores the functional properties of CD14+CD16+ monocytes in patients with myeloma and lymphoma. J Leukoc Biol. 2004 Feb; 75(2):207-13. PMID: 14576364.
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    35. Meinhardt G, Dayyani F, Jahrsdörfer B, Baumgart J, Emmerich B, Schmidmaier R. Treosulfan is an effective inducer of cell death in myeloma cell lines and primary myeloma cells from patients. Br J Haematol. 2003 Sep; 122(6):892-9. PMID: 12956758.
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    36. Dayyani F, Belge KU, Frankenberger M, Mack M, Berki T, Ziegler-Heitbrock L. Mechanism of glucocorticoid-induced depletion of human CD14+CD16+ monocytes. J Leukoc Biol. 2003 Jul; 74(1):33-9. PMID: 12832440.
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    37. Belge KU, Dayyani F, Horelt A, Siedlar M, Frankenberger M, Frankenberger B, Espevik T, Ziegler-Heitbrock L. The proinflammatory CD14+CD16+DR++ monocytes are a major source of TNF. J Immunol. 2002 Apr 01; 168(7):3536-42. PMID: 11907116.
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    38. Steppich B, Dayyani F, Gruber R, Lorenz R, Mack M, Ziegler-Heitbrock HW. Selective mobilization of CD14(+)CD16(+) monocytes by exercise. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2000 Sep; 279(3):C578-86. PMID: 10942707.
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